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This portal help the Service providers to register with and upload their paying guest accommodation,service appartments and Room sharing in online.

The customer can view the online information by searching the information what they require on portal by providing the area and gender and type of the services they require.

The Paying guest accommodationor hostels for men and women can be added by anyone who is running pgs.By just registering in our portal to reach the large audience who is looking for pgs accommodation or hostel's accommodation in India.

The People, who is planning a trip and need to find some cheap accommodation, look no further than -best selection of pg in India and service apartment in India Find the perfect paying guest accommodation or serviced apartments in India offers widest selection of cheap pg.hostels for men and women in India and service apartments in India.

The Shared Rooms in our portal can be added by the persons who want to share their rooms with anyone who have same likes as him or she and he or she may have come from same place etc. give's accurate information on shared rooms in India. Dedication

Paying Guest

Todays the plan of paying guest accommadation getting highly momentum and the accommadation offers number of options such furnished rooms,parking,quality food with enhanced saftely.

Service Apartments

Serviced apartments are an alternative for Hotel stay,gives the feel of home with comfort prices.mainly focused on ensuring customer satisfaction with consistent service standards.

Shared Room

Living In shared room is a different experience ,choose a roommate who will be compatible with your lifestyle it gives the privacy of your own room